Farming as a Business 101

Let our consulting team help you get started on your farm journey. In this course you will get an opportunity to speak with one of our consulting team and get to read through a series of real life situations to help you be better prepared to farm.


Selling through a pandemic

We are here to help your small farm deal with the changes happening because of Covid-19. This course is our introduction to managing bio security and selling through a pandemic.


Understanding the CSA

How do you know if a CSA is right for your farm? In this course we will talk about the basics of CSA's and why they can make a season easier for the farm family.


Time Management for the Small Farm Owner

In this course, you will learn about time management and get access to some of the tools used by professionals in order to help you accomplish your goals.


The More You Know about NPYK

Take a moment with our consultant and learn about how PNK affects soil health. Taylor will talk a little about both Micro and Macro Nutrients.