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Our Agronomy Consultant, Taylor, will take you through some of the basics of NPK. He will also cover some of the basics of both macro and micro nutrients and how having them in the soil can change your plant's production.

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You won’t regret it!

While this class will not make you an expert.... We have included a number of links at the end of the course for research studies and crop specific NPK reading. From Rice to Trees, we tried to find a little something for everyone.


All the fuss about NPK

  • The Nitrogen all Around FREE PREVIEW
  • The Phosphorus Effect FREE PREVIEW
  • Potassium in the HOUSE
  • Who else should we know?

The Plants Life

  • Seed Germination
  • Enter the Roots
  • Break out the Big Leaves
  • Finished Product!

The Resources

  • More Information

About Your Instructor

Taylor Putnam, Jr

Taylor Putnam, Jr

Agronomy Instructor

Taylor has worked in the Agricultural industry for a lifetime. His specialty is helping farmers amend their fields to get the best yield for the lowest cost input.


Common Mistakes

Uses for NPK

Soil Health

Trace Minerals

Plant Lifecycle



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