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Not everyone gets to grow up on a farm and spend their childhood running through fields and playing with baby animals. Some of us would like to make that our future though! This course is designed to get you started on the path to running a successful farm. Whether it is a small farm in dollar amount or a small farm in acreage, it is good to start small and grow.

Why Start Small?

You won’t regret it!

Why do we recommend starting small? It is easy in farming to jump in head first, buy large plots of land, giant farm tractors and equipment, invest in hundreds of animals, but the risk of starting so big can be big failure. When you start small you can reduce your financial risk and really set yourself up for success. In this course, you will learn a about the basics of setting up your farm, and as a part of the course you will get to spend time with our consulting team. Some of them are actively running small, medium, and large farm operations and some have been in the sales and marketing industry for a lifetime. We pull all these resources together to bring you the best of the best in what is possible for you as a farmer.


Let's Talk About Farming

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Branding Your Farm

  • Test your branding skills
  • What Makes a "Brand" for a farmer
  • Farm Name
  • Farm Logo
  • Packaging!
  • Choose your voice carefully
  • Clothing Choice
  • Product Selection
  • Mission Statement
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Choosing your farming style

  • What is a farming style?

Selecting Crops, animals, or products for your farm

  • Tips to choosing
  • Pollinators are important to your plan
  • All About Zones - and your management of them
  • Selecting Animals

Inventory Management

  • In the fields

Animal Breeding Program

  • Animal Breeding Basics
  • Questions

Building a Basic Business Plan

  • Pieces of a business plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Overview
  • Business Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Operating Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Marketing, Ahhhhhhhhh Marketing
  • Long term plans

Pricing Your Farm Products

  • The Price of an Egg
  • The Real Price VS Market Price
  • You try the math on a some more products
  • Now let's price your farm items

Next steps

  • Your on your way!
  • Before you go...

One of your instructors

Dr. Roxanne Bruce

Dr. Roxanne Bruce

Instructor Bio

Dr. Bruce has been working with agricultural products since childhood on her Grandfather's farm. After graduating from Westminster College, Dr. Bruce began working in the world of marketing and worked with several multi-million dollar companies. In 2011 Dr. Bruce was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to learn to relive all over again. The diagnosis taught her to better interact with others who are disabled and to look for additional services and products to make life easier. Her specialty is agricultural marketing and working with individuals who are disabled. You may have seen her articles in ACRES USA Magazine, or seen/heard her on local Maine news and radio stations.


Farm Branding

Basic Business Planning

Breeding Programs

Inventory Management

Product Packaging

Finding Customers


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